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Prejudices around virginity embody sexual double standards. Society has internalised the idea that virginity is a commodity women have to be careful not to lose at the wrong time, with the wrong person and for the wrong reasons. Female sexuality is still internalised as something disgusting and impure, and slut-shaming reinforces this puritanical mindset. The pressure of avoiding being a 40 year-old virgin is enormous, and having lots of sex is synonymous with masculinity. Virginity is lost when the hymen is broken by penetration, right? Note how irrelevant this definition is for men. There is no biological marker for virginity — most hymens wear away shortly before or during adolescence.

So if a hymen was an indication of virginity, most women are not virgins before they even become sexually active. But the language of virginity has not adapted to this, devaluing their romantic and sexual experiences. So how should we think about virginity? The language of shame needs to change immediately. Furthermore, the construction of the language of sex and virginity narrows it down to a technicality that not only ignores and devalues many people, but also ignores and devalues any other type of sexual experience, which can be equally valid and intimate. I am not attempting to advocate a sexual free-for-all just because we can, and obviously choice, consent and romantic intimacy are all integral in how we conduct ourselves sexually.

We need a much more positive construction of sex and intimacy.